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Codename: Kids Next Door, also known as Kids Next Door or by its acronym KND, is an American animated television series created by Tom Warburton and produced by Curious Pictures that takes place in Boston, MA. The series debuted on Cartoon Network on December 6, 2002. The series came about as the result of a viewer's poll by Cartoon Nework. It briefly aired on Miguzi at 4:00 p.m. Broadcast as two episodes per half-hour (except for a few half-hour episodes).The main characters of the series are five 10 year-olds who operate from their treehouse against the tyranny of adults and teenagers. The central characters make up what is known as Sector V of a worldwide organization called the Kids Next Door.


Production history

Mr. Warburton created a pilot episode for another show, Kenny and the Chimp. Originally, there was a group of children who called themselves "The Kids Who Lived Next Door" among the recurring characters. The Kids Next Door would get Kenny into trouble but the plotline was changed to focus on the group of kids alone, and later, the kids battling adulthood. In 2001 the show won on a Cartoon Network viewer's poll with its own pilot episode, No P in the OOL.


The stories are titled as the Kids Next Door's missions, denoted as "Operation: " followed by an acronym which often give viewers clues to what the story is about. The stories are often about typical problems that children face, but usually magnified and exaggerated, mostly on the show's early episodes (this was slowly changed into a bigger, more complex storyline). Every mission may or may not be chronologically ordered in relation to the previous or the next, but it's accepted that most of the time they occur in the order that the episodes are shown. Sometimes missions make a references to a certain situations, or lead to consequences in another mission.

KND Universe

The Kids Next Door Organization is a worldwide group comprising thousands of kids joined in mutual struggle against adult tyranny. They fight villains that embody specific menaces to children overall; such as Knightbrace (going to the dentist), Count Spankulot (spanking), the Common Cold (self-explanatory), Windsor and the Queen Tie (wearing ties), Mrs. Dirt (taking a bath), and Father/Benedict Uno, (the ultimate figure of authority). For every member of Kids Next Door, upon following a period of training, the kids are then assigned a number or alphanumerical code (pronounced "numbuh") and sent to a "sector", that is, a treehouse of gigantic proportions. The KND Organization Head Quarters itself is set on the Moon (Moonbase). Kids follow their oath of protecting other kids as well as battling adulthood until the age of 13, when they are "decommissioned": their brains are washed-clean of memories of any past KND activity, upon which they are thence considered teenagers, and a threat to KND as well. The practice of strict decommissioning at age 13 was later on revealed to be subject to some exceptions: kids who have proved to be exceptional agents are offered the chance to carry on in KND as spies infiltrating the teen organization (see Maurice for a prime example)[2]. This practice is kept secret. Decommissioning has also proved reversible due to errors [3][4] and thus brainwashing is not necessarily permanent.
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Codename: Kids next door
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